Lorin just starred in a short film with actor Dean Collins entitled All Aboard

Aberrant, a film Lorin starred in, is now on Amazon Prime

Lorin is staring in a short film called Spent Saints at the role of Regina. The film will be premiering August 19th.

Lorin was just cast at the supporting role in a pilot entitled “Rapid Eye” directed by Graham Reznick. She plays the role of Alia.

Lorin just wrapped a short entitled “Plastic” directed by Peter Rosati, which is set to release in the winter of 2017. She plays Cathy the leading role in the film.


Lorin just shot her third international commercial of the year.


She just finished shooting a project with director, JC Barros, entitled Project Steele, due to release next year.


Lorin is in pre production for a film she wrote, produced and stared in titled “Partial Nudity Required”

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Lorin won Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Aberrant at the Hoboken International Film Festival in 2015



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